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Hi, I intend to purchase the Monthly Navigo Cards but I'm a bit confused on it's validity period.
I'll be arriving in Paris on the 18th of January and leaving on 15th of February. Can I immediately get the monthly Navigo pass upon arrival or I have to wait until the 20th of January?
And if I purchase it on the 20th, does that mean the pass would be valid for my entire stay there? (From 20th January until 15th February)

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Staff December 4, 2023

No, unfortunately you can't buy the February Monthly Navigo Pass before the 20th of January.  And the monthly Navigo passes are strictly from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month.  So for February Navigo Pass, you may buy it on January 20, it activates at 00:00 Feb 1 and ends validity at 23:59:59 Feb 29.

It wouldn't make sense to buy the monthly Navigo pass in your case due to arrival / departure dates (18th January / 15th February).  You would be best off buying 5 Navigo Week passes for 150€ total vs. 2 monthly Navigo passes for 168.20€.
It's really unfortunate that the Navigo system is strictly Monday-Sunday and 1st of month to last of month; quite inflexible for visitors.


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