Difference between Inoui and Ouigo Grand Vitesse

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I am trying to book a train from Bordeaux to Disneyland on Sat 4/27 and I am seeing 2 different I guess train companies or types. One is Inoui and the other is Ouigo Grand Vitesse. The Inoui one is cost more by 200 euro for our family of 6. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

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Staff February 26, 2024

Ouigo is SNCF'S "low-cost" brand of high speed trains.  But, both Inoui and Ouigo are SNCF trains (the French nationally owned railway operator).
Inoui (full-cost) trains include:

  • additional piece of luggage (up to 115cm total dimensions, i.e. add L + H + W) or a single overweight/large luggage (up to 30kg and 130cm)
  • WiFi
  • seat selection
  • ticket booking time/date changes (with low or no change fee)

To get the above options for Ouigo (low-cost), you'd need to pay for Ouigo Plus (+9€ giving you all of the above, or buy them individually for varying cost) and ticket changes will be at a higher cost (19€).  These prices are as of Feb. 2024 and will change in the future.
Here's a page in French showing differences in base Ouigo fare (essentiel) vs. Ouigo Plus.
In general, I just buy what's cheapest / works best for my schedule.  The difference in trains / seating is very minimal in my opinion.


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