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Hi, the ticket I purchase from Disney RER.....is that also valid on metro line 1 or will I need to purchase a different ticket..? What is the best ticket plan if needing return RER tickets also needing to use Metro line 1 ?  (2 adults, 4 children)
Kind regards John (you have been extremely helpful !!)

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RER tickets are valid on Metro as long as your transfer stays within the confines of a station and you don't exit out onto the street.  So if you make a transfer at say Nation station which serves both RER A and Metro 1, 2, 8, 9, you can use the same RER ticket for that transfer.
At Vincennes RER and Chateau de Vincennes Metro line 1, you have to exit the station and walk about 9-10 minutes to get from one station to the other.  Your RER ticket will not allow you to transfer between the two lines in this case.
Consider using a Mobilis day ticket 1-5 zone (for the adults, 17.80€) if you are going into Paris and returning to Disney all in the same day, and may be returning from Paris after 9pm.  This will cover you for transfers at Vincennes / Chateau Vincennes, and anywhere else in/around Paris.  Keep in mind the pass expires at midnight.  If you went with single-use RER Tickets for Vincennes - Disney (6.75€ one way) and Metro tickets for Chateau de Vincennes to Paris (1.90€ one way) you'd end up paying 17.30€.  At that point you might as well just use a Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone at 17.80 and not have to deal with multiple separate tickets.
If you're doing this on Saturday (or Sunday), the kids can use a Ticket Jeunes Weekend, 1-5 zone for 8.95€.  Otherwise, Ticket Mobilis for the kids would cost the same as adult, 17.80€, there is no child discount on Mobilis.


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