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Hi,  We are travelling in a large group to disneyland via the eurostar, there is about 60 of us.  Is there a way to purchase our connecting tickets in advance or a way of getting group tickets? ideally we don\'t want to be queuing to get tickets as this will take a long time, mixture of adults and kids travelling.   I know the route/s to take and the Billet Origine - Destination tickets are required but its just going to be very hectic in such a group. Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated. 

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The Paris train authority has a page noting that purchases below 300€ will be handled by regular ticket windows / automated ticket machines up until Sept. 21, 2023.  Beyond that value you can contact their external sales office for service (see the email address in that link).  You could email them to check their recommended way to proceed.
If they direct you to purchase the tickets as per usual through a ticket window, I imagine it wouldn't be too much trouble for you and your group.
And you would want to purchase the tickets as a group of 60 vs. each family purchasing for themselves, to take advantage of the bulk discounts.
Packs of 10+ RER tickets will be discounted at 20% for adults.
RER tickets for children 9 and under will be discounted at 50%.
The current price for a one way RER trip from Gare du Nord to Marne la Vallée will be 5€ per ticket, without any discount.  With discounts 4€ adult and 2.50€ per child.
RER ticket windows are used to handling individual customers purchasing 10 or 20 tickets for themselves since those (carnets/booklets) are discounted & popular.  The actual printing of a booklet of 10 is about ten seconds.  If you could organize the purchase where one of the adults purchases for the entire group, or say 3 adults making 3 purchases of 20 tickets, I would imagine/hope the transaction could be completed within 5-8 minutes.
Let me know if I've misunderstood anything or you have further questions you'd like help with by posting another question (it's not possible to respond to this particular thread.)


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