Enough time to get to TGV at CDG and what if I miss train

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My plane arrives (hopefully) at 9:40 AM Terminal 2. I am considering a TGV train at 11:57. Is this enough time to clear immigration, baggage claim, go to pharmacy for vaccination card conversion and get to the platform? Or should I take the next TGV which is 14:57? If I miss my train, can I exchange for the next one? The info SNCF site seems a little confusing to me about this.
Is it possible to get on a TGV train with the health pass conversion and just show my CDC card?
Note to Ben on staff -- Thank you for replying to my previous question about CDG terminal logistics. I couldn't respond to it and I also was not able to register. 

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Staff November 23, 2021

I'd recommend leaving more than 2 hours between CDG flight arrival time and TGV train departure time due to ticket exchange fees & restrictions.
Changing/exchanging TGV train tickets before the train has left, is possible for a fee (15€ for same-day ticket changes as of 2021).
Changing a TGV ticket after a train has departed is only possible for business class TGV tickets.  Tourism (loisir) tickets marketed as "Prem's", 2nd class (2eme) and 1st class (1ere) TGV tickets cannot be exchanged at all after the train's departure.  The entire ticket amount is forfeit once the train has departed station (unless it's a business class ticket).


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