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I have 35 kilos of luggage with me and taking a bus is a good option. How to get to hotel claret bercy by public bus 351 from cdg terminal 2f. 

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Staff June 23, 2023

Bus 351 from CDG terminates at Nation and there appears to be a bus 71 at Nation that goes to Hotel Claret Bercy.
From Charles de Gaulle airport the easiest place to catch bus 351 would probably be the bus loop at Roissypole, which is between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.  The CDGVAL shuttle train can get you to Roissypole from any of the terminals.  Then walk outside to the bus loop and find the start/terminus of Bus 351.  (It's better to buy your ticket inside Roissypole as it's cheaper (2.10€) and also allows transfers; tickets purchased aboard a bus cost more, 2.50€, and do not allow transfers.  There's a large ticket window or a bank of ticket machines at your disposal inside Roissypole.)
If the 351 bus makes it to Nation and you can board bus #71 within 90 minutes of validating your ticket for the 351, you can use the same ticket for the transfer.


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