Gare du Lyon to CDG on August 21 using only metro

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On my return trip home from Gare du Lyon to CDG (08/21), I was hoping to use only the metro (RER A followed by RER B) i.e. the opposite of my arrival (RER B and RER A) on 08/16.
Why is this option not available on the SNCF website?

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Staff July 31, 2023

The RER A and RER B train lines should be operating normally on August 20, 2023 and you should be able to take the RER A + RER B from Paris to CDG Airport without issue in late August.  (No rail works are planned for August 20, 2023 for the RER B, RER A along the route from Paris to CDG airport).
Here's a sample itinerary for Paris (Gare de Lyon) to CDG on RER A + RER B on August 20, 2023.
Btw, someone else was asking about itinerary searches not showing RER train results for August 20, 2023.  There's perhaps a technical issue/problem with the itinerary builder from for this date, but Transilien which handles RER trains outside of central Paris, is showing RER results OK for this date.


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