Get from airport by train from airport to eiffle tower?

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We have a 7 hour layover.  We would like to take the train straight to it doable with7 hours.   2.Can we leave our luggage at airport? 3. What train do we take to get as close as possible..and which station do we get off at? 

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Staff June 17, 2022

 1) It is doable with 7 hours.
RER B train from CDG T2 to Paris & RER C to Eiffel Tower will take about 50-55 minutes, one way.
2) Left luggage at CDG T2 is operated by Bagages du Monde
3) RER B train to Paris until Saint Michel Notre Dame station.  Transfer (using same ticket) to RER C line taking any train doing in either of these directions: 

  • "Saint-Quentin en Yvelines - Montingy-le-Brettonneux"
  • Pontoise

4) Get off at Champ de Mars station


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