get from CDG to Chatelet on January 6th 2020

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Hello!!! I'm supposed to be in Paris on Jan 6th for a couple of days with my daughter. Can you tell me how effected is the metro situation in Paris? I'm considering moving my trip to Paris. Than you very much!

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Staff January 2, 2020

The RER B train from CDG to Paris Chatelet won't be affected much as the CDG airport train is running throughout the morning, day, evening, albeit with reduced frequency.
The Paris Metro however is affected quite noticeably and runs only during morning and evening rush hours and is completely stopped outside of those hours (see the Paris train strike page for the latest information.)  The strike will likely impact the Paris Metro beyond January 6, 2020.
Paris Buses are running nearly normally during the strikes with a slight reduction in frequency.  If you're staying within central Paris during your visit, I wouldn't cancel plans and just plan to walk / bus more as most tourist hot spots are still very accessible by foot, electric foot scooter / bike within a small area.


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