got confused with type of tickets/ pass I need

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 Dear sir/ madamI read the informative types of tickets you provide but I really got confused so I need your help to define needed type of tickets I will needI will be staying in I hotel in ivry sur sien starting firday to wednsday (as far as I understood I will need RER ticket + metro tickets ? )please advise of type of tickets that will be needed to go to :to Paris zone 1 (2 days)versille (1 day)Disney (2 days)CDG air port on departure daydo these tickets work in case I want to go to zone 1 every day  (in days of versille and disney? as well as departure day? )is there a multi day pass ? prices ?I really got confused of all those tickets typescan I buy two Navigo passes instead (Friday to Monday then Monday to wednsday)? will it work to airport (in some parts of the site it said it works others said no!!!)I need the most economic advised types of tickets thxlamiaa

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Staff February 27, 2017

Paris Visite 5-day, 5-zone multi-day pass is your easiest option since you arrive Friday.  A Navigo bought on Friday is not useable till Monday.
For your departure day, buy a single-use RER ticket from wherever you are to the airport.  The ticket office staff at the train station where you're starting your journey will be able to sell you a custom ticket for that trip.


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