Help take Roissy Bus from CDG (terminal 2) to Opera using Navigo Weekly Pass

By | November 1, 2022 | in

Hi!  I'm arriving on Thursday midday, and would like to purchase Navigo Weekly for my short stay (leaving Sunday afternoon to Switzerland by train).  Two questions:

  1.  Should I have any problem purchasing Navigo Weekly Pass on a Thursday (about midday), and using it through Sunday afternoon?
  2.  Where is a ticket office between baggage claim and Roissy bus stops at CDG Terminal 2?

Thank you!

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Staff November 6, 2022

You can purchase a Navigo pass on a Thursday afternoon for use through till Sunday midnight.
The ticket office for buying Navigo passes is at CDG Airport is at Terminal 2 train station as the Roissybus stops at Terminal 2 have no ticket seller agents.


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