Hi Ben. I've been looking at the timetables for both TGV train and the RER A and B and I'm struggling to work out how I will complete my journey. I land at CDG on a Friday evening at 20:55 with no bags! I do not see you that I will manage to get the TGV down to Disneyland Paris therefore I believe I have to take the RER B to the metro and then the RER A to Disney.. I cannot work out of the RER will be running at that time of night. I don't want to get stranded half way! Please HELP!!!! Thank you

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Staff October 4, 2019

The last TGV train from CDG to Disneyland departs at 21:28 which doesn't leave enough time for you to take if you arrive at 20:55.
The RER B and RER A trains will be running until 23:00 when you arrive at CDG airport on Friday evening.  You should have no issues with  taking the RER trains from CDG to Paris then Paris to Disneyland.


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