How can i file a claim regarding my lost phone?

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I lost my phone on 12/30 while taking the 1 train.  How can I file a claim regarding my lost property?

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Lost and Found in Paris is handled by the Paris prefecture de Police Office of Lost and Found (Bureau des objets trouvé) in the 14th district of Paris, located at this address:
36, rue des Morillons
75732 Paris

Closest metro station to Paris Lost and Found is Convention on Metro Line 12
Paris Lost and Found phone number +33 89 26 9 3246
Paris Lost and Found hours of operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM 4:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Generally you need to wait 5 days after an item was lost/stolen before the Police would have a chance to process the item.  Prior to that, it could be either at the transportation corporation's lost and found (if the item was lost/forgotten on a train), or in transit to the police for processing.
 If your effects are found and if any of your ID's have a current address, the Police will send a letter to that address saying they have your belongings, detailing how to retrieve them and the fee (about 10€).  The letter looks really crap, photocopied about 1000 times, but it's legit.  (My brother went through the whole lost+found experience a few years back.  He thought the letter was some Nigerian bank scam at first due to the reproduction quality.)

Some helpful links below.  They're all in French so Google Translate them if needed (you can paste a URL directly into the text area and Google will provide a link of the translated page).
They've got information on procedures here:
Their contact form (a bit hard to find) is here:
Here's some general information on Lost & Found for Paris, from the city government website:


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