How do Navigo Easy charges work on a Metro/Tram/Bus combination ride?

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I just rode the Metro for 3 stops and then hopped on a bus to continue my journey.  My Navigo Easy worked fine to get on Metro, but then when I got on the bus 10 minutes later, it was rejected (buzzing sound, and a red light).  
Can you clarify how combination travel between Metro and a bus, or Metro and a tram, is charged?
Your website is SO HELPFUL.  Merci!

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Staff October 18, 2022

Unfortunately it's a quirk of the Paris transportation system that Metro to Bus transfers are not possible with a single Ticket t (paper or Navigo Easy).  Same between Metro & tram: no transfers.  Same if you were to ride the RER... no Bus (nor Tram) transfer with a Ticket t.
Another Ticket t+ should have been debited from your Navigo Easy the moment you make a Paris Metro to Bus (or Tram) transfer.  If you had multiple Ticket t remaining on your Navigo Easy and the Bus refused to debit another fare when you validated aboard the bus, that would seem to be a system error on their part.  If that was the case, I can't explain why the bus validation machine would not simply debit another ticket from your Navigo Easy.
According to the contactless Ticket t+ (i.e. on a Navigo Easy) terms & conditions, a Ticket t+ validated in the last 90 minutes, would immediately be expired upon validation on an unsupported transfer, such as from Metro to bus. point 1.6:

Les passages entre les modes suivants ne sont donc pas considérés comme des correspondances entre « métro, RER/train (dans Paris) » et « bus, tram, Tzen » :
L’utilisateur débute alors un nouveau trajet qui clôt le précédent. Un trajet clos ne peut être repris.

Trips between the following modes are not considered [valid] transfers:

  • Metro/RER/Transilien train » AND « bus, tram, Tzen bus

The user thus starts a new trip, ending the previous.  A closed trip cannot be reopened.


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