How to buy a Navigo week pass?

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Thank you very much Ben for all of the ticket advices!
 You are awesome!
Yes , I did think to buy Navigo week pass, over the 2 day Visite pass.  I will arrive on Thursday noon, spend whole day on Friday, and leave on Saturday morning. It’s perfect to have a Navigo week pass, cheaper and convenient to use.
But it seems to be a little complicated and very time consuming to me for get a Navigo in such short 3 days  in Paris.
I have many questions regarding how to get it and how long will take to get it
- where to buy? can I buy it at the ticket office at the CDG airport? 
- need a photo. It says the photo can be home printed black- white, 
 Can I print my photo in regular print paper , and cut size 3 cm x2.5 cm ? 
Are any special rule regarding to the image of  photo?  
Can I  use Any Image of my face photo, or must be a passport type photo?
- most important, how long will it take to get my Navigo week pass at the RER ticket office at the airport ? In a  half hour?
Please advice!

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Staff August 26, 2019

Hi Jean,
Yes you can buy it inside CDG Airport at either of the two train station ticket offices (see photos for CDG Terminal 1/3 train station or CDG Terminal 2 train station .  There is plenty of signage in CDG that will direct you to the closest train station.
You can print out your own photo on regular printer paper.  It can be black and white and roughly 3cm x 2.5cm.  No special rules.  It's only to help prevent sharing of the pass between people and you'll likely never run into any issues with this.  If the pass is valid, that's all the ticket inspectors would care about, not the quality of the image.
I'd say 30 minutes is plenty of time for getting your Navigo pass / RER tickets from the CDG train station ticket office after you've walked from your arrival gate / retrieved your luggage and walk to the train station.  I'd say the CDG train station ticket offices are the easiest office to get tickets from as you are guaranteed to have at least one ticket agent speaking English, whereas inside of Paris that's not likely.


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