How to file a complaint to very disrespectful REr line B inspectors or guard stationed at CDG terminal 2? We got lost looking for hour hotel near airport, this RER is keep on asking for our tickets and no concern helping a tourist. He is more interested in charging us with lost tickets than helping us . We already spent thousuof dollars in this city, yet just directing us to right direction is no concord this RER B employee.

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Please Don’t hire an employee who don’t have concerns to tourists or who are racist. We are single out, only us are questioned about our tickets out of hundreds passengers. I can’t recommended this city to my friends who are Asian. We spent thousands roamuthe city , eating in your restaurants, paying tickets to every tourist attractions, check in to your hotels. Your employee on that RER B is rude, uneducated and no concerns to tourist.

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Staff October 15, 2022

You can contact customer service through (click on Get Help then Customer Service Form).


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