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Ben, Thank you for the very detailed instructions you previously gave me 03.25.24 on how to take the train from Disneyland Paris to Residence Inn Paris Didot Montparnasse, however, there was a bit of an issue and the credit card I used to guarantee my reservation back in mid-Jan had an expiration of 01/24 and when the hotel finally decided to run my credit card for the deposit it didn't go through (even though I had received a new card with a 01/28 expiration) & they ended up canceling my reservation without contacting me first. (ugh!) I had to rebook another hotel (quickly) as we are only a little over a month from our arrival. Thankfully, I was able to get 'something' because the outlook was looking grim. Our new hotel is: Courtyard by Mariott Paris Arcueil 6 Avenue President Salvador Allende Arcueil 94110 France. It doesn't seem like it is too far from the previous hotel, however, I'm wondering if the train instructions you gave me would still apply or if there is something different? Additionally, based on your last reply I was considering just purchasing the Paris 2024 pass for 2-3 days while we are there July 1 & 2. (we have a lot of running around in Paris we'd like to do) We also leave on the TGV to Barcelona the morning of the 3rd. Speaking of which, I assuming there is a way to get from the Courtyard to Paris Gare de Lyon to meet a 9:42 a.m. departure to Barcelona?? Thank you in advance for your help. I was very impressed with your reply last time. You are very knowledgeable!!!

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Staff June 5, 2024

Hi again,
Your new hotel, Courtyard Mariott Paris Arcueil 6, is actually a bit easier/simpler than previous.  To get from Disneyland to your hotel you would take the RER A train from the Disneyland station (Marne la Vallée Chessy) to Chatelet les Halles station, then transfer to a RER B train going in direction (any of these are fine) Massy-Palaiseau / Robinson / St. Remy les Chevreuse until station "Laplace".  "Laplace" station along, the RER B train line, is closest to your hotel.
Regarding the pass to buy, if you're in Paris on July 1 & 2, the Paris 2024 Pass won't be usable as it's only an Olympics travel pass which is active/valid from July 20 to Sept 8; It won't be usable outside of those dates.  So for two days, July 1 & 2, you could buy two Navigo Day Passes, 1-5 zones, put onto a Navigo Easy card, active for July 1 and July 2 (you need to specify the dates the day passes are active, at time of purchase).

To get from the hotel to Gare de Lyon, the trip would be again onto the RER B train, in direction Aeroport CDG 2 or Mitry Claye (either will do) until Chatelet les Halles station.  At Chatelet les Halles, transfer to an RER A train in direction of Marne la Vallée or Boissy St. Léger (either will do) and ride one stop to Gare de Lyon station.  For this short trip you'll need to purchase paper, single-use RER ticket for Laplace to Gare de Lyon for 3.20€.  RER tickets cannot be put onto Navigo Easy cards (or any card for that matter) so paper tickets will be required.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
Best regards, Ben


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