How to get from Terminal 2E to Terminal 1 to meet up?

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My husband will be arriving at Terminal 2E two hours before my daughter and I arrive at Terminal 1. We need to meet up so that we can purchase Navigo cards & travel together on the RER train to Gare du Nord. Would it be best for my husband to meet us at the Terminal 1 departure area or should we find a meeting spot somewhere between the two terminals? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Annette from Iowa (USA)

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Staff April 12, 2018

An easy meeting point would be inside Roissypole, which is the Train Station serving both CDG Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 passengers.  Officially this station is named: "Aeroport CDG 1" station. 
Since your husband is arriving first, he'll have plenty of time to walk from CDG Terminal 2E over to the Roissypole building / Aeroport CDG 1 station located in between Terminal 1 & 3.
Have a look at the CDG Terminal 1 to Paris article (full of photos), and choose a spot where you'd like to meet, perhaps somewhat close to the main ticket booth, might make sense.
Have a great trip.


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