How to go Creteil to Paris city center?

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I want to stay out of city in Creteil. Also i want to buy metro tickes as unlimited Paris visited pass. But can i use this visited pass when i will come from Creteil metro station to Paris. 
Or this card just valid inside 1-3 zone in Paris.

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Staff December 15, 2022

Paris Metro trains (lines 1 - 14) are all considered to be "1 zone", even though they may have stations in zones 2 and 3 near their terminus.  So, if you are staying near the Créteil stop of Metro line 8, you could use a 1-3 zone Paris Visite for sure.  (You can even just use a single Metro ticket for this ride.) 
If you take the RER D train you can use the 1-3 zone Paris Visite from Paris as far out as Créteil Pompadour station in the Créteil area.  This is the last RER D station in zone 3 and is covered by Paris Visite zone 1-3 pass.
See the Paris Metro & RER Zone map for details on stations and which zone they are in.


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