How to go from CDG to ORY

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How can I go from CDG airport to ORLY airport ? Is there a direct service ? And which stations to use ?  And the cost ?

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Staff March 30, 2024

There's no direct service between CDG-ORY run by the public transportation city/regional transport authority.
The quickest, simplest (but most expensive) train transfer between CDG and ORY (Orly) airports is to take the RER B train from CDG to Antony station, then transfer onto Orlyval train to Orly Airport.  Orlyval is a shuttle train that only goes between Antony and Orly airport.  You can buy a single ticket for the entire trip (including Orlyval shuttle train) when you arrive at CDG from the CDG RER B train station ticket office in either CDG Terminal 1 train station or CDG Terminal 2 train station.  (The ticketing staff will print you a custom ticket for this trip.)
Travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes and cost is 25.30 euros.
There are cheaper, slower, more complicated options if you wish to try those.  Please post another question if you're interested in considering that.


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