How to re-load Navigo weekly pass.

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Hi Ben
Fabulous website - Thank you!
Can I re-load my Navigo Decouverte online, or do I have to visit a machine / train station?
I purchased my weekly pass in 2015 (returning to Paris in April 2020), it's lavender in colour - would you suggest it might have expired if they are trying to update all passes to one format?
Thanks again for a fabulous website Ben.

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Staff February 2, 2020

Hi Sarah,
Unfortunately you can't renew Navigo Decouverte online, although it's quite easy to do at any Metro/RER ticket vending machine using the light blue or purple card reader (or by visiting a ticket window / ticket office).
A 2015 Navigo Decouverte should still be valid for recharge / renewal as they're meant to last 10 years before a new card is needed.
Have a great trip and thanks for the kind words about the site.
- Ben


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