How to reach Ettiene Marcel metro station from airport Charles de Gaulle by RER and Metro

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My questions are:

  1. Taking RER B from the airport Charles de Gaulle. Do I need to get off at Gare du Nord and take a different train to "Chatelet Les Halles" or I can continue in the same ?
  2. Reaching Chatelete Les Halles can I get the metro line to Ettiene Marcel metro station ?

Thank you very much

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Staff July 25, 2018

RER B train from CDG Airport to Paris stops at Chatelet Les Halles.  Don't get off at Gare du Nord.  (Switching trains was necessary during the Paris train strike, but normal service has returned and this is not necessary as of July 2018)
After reaching Chatelet les Halles, it's faster to exit the underground and walk to your final destination near Etienne Marcel station. 
There will be blue, numbered exit signs throughout Chatelet Les Halles stations with street names.  Rue Rambuteau exit would likely be your best exit to take when leaving Chatelet Les Halles.


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