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Hello Ben Lam,
This is Jean again.
Thank you for the previous help. I took your advice , did further research and Now I have my 3 days detailed trip plan in middle of September  in Paris.
*Please advice !  Appreciate very much!
My trips and tickets to buy are
D1 - buy a 1-5 zone Paris Ticket Mobilis  for CDG - Champigny-sur-Marne €17.8 
D2 - buy a 1-4 zone  Ticket Mobilis around trip to Versatile €12.4
D3 - buy a 1-3 zone single ticket €3.6 one way  from  
Champigny-sur-Marne to Congres early morning before 6am
 or do I need buy * separate  € 6.5 ( one € 3.6 for ride RER A or RER C to Chalets then buy a transfer to M1 for € 1.9 ?)
*Any suggestion? Please advice.
* Where can I buy  Ticket Mibilis?
* can I buy At CDG Airport RER Station? Any Tickets window there ?
Many thanks!
Look forward to your answer ASAP.
Jean from Vancouver

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Staff August 21, 2019

Hi Jean,
D1: Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone is a good option for day one to Champigny-sur-Marne. If you make any other trip that day or make any mistakes and need to retake a train, Ticket Mobilis will cover you.
D2: Ticket Mobilis 1-4 zone is a good choice.  This allows you to take Transilien trains to Versailles (from La Defense or Saint Lazare) if you prefer, which are more direct and faster, although you'll need to walk an extra 5 minutes after arriving in Versailles.  You can find itineraries at
D3: A single RER ticket that's customized for you at the ticket window of any RER station (such as one within Champigny-sur-Marne or at CDG airport) will get to Palais de Congres.  You'll only need the one ticket, and it's good on both RER & Metro.  Just note that there are multiple Palais de Congres (one in Versailles, one in Paris) so be sure to specify when asking for the ticket.
You can buy all of these tickets on the first day at either of the CDG Airport train station ticket offices (which will have English speaking staff, look for UK flags near the agents who will speak English).  Ticket Mobilis and single-use tickets don't activate until you use them in a turnstile/gate.  You can buy one day and use at any time in the future.
Best regards,


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