How to work out what Forfait for a Monthly Navigo Pass

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Hi there. I've just arrived in Paris for a few months with work, and having been trying to work out the chaos that is the Navigo Monthly Pass forfait system.
I really only need to use the pass for multiple journeys on the bus and Metro network within Zone 1 (discounting the few random Metro stops within Zone 2). As such, I don't need zones 2-5 at all. Yet, when I try and load my card, I'm only given the options of full zonage (1-5) or or one of the 'two zone' options (2-3; 3-4; 4-5).
Obviously I won't be buying the full zonage option (1-5). However, if I'm buying one of the 'two zone' options (say, 2-3) can I assume that full access to zone 1 is automatically included in this? At the Metro re-charge stations, there no mention of Zone 1 at all.
Or am I missing a completely separate option with Navigo that just allows unfettered access to the Metro and bus systems within Zone 1 only?
Many thanks in advance for your help navigating this mess.

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Staff January 29, 2020

There's no option for only zones 1-2 for Navigo week pass or monthly passes, any longer.  There used to be that option, but they simply removed the other zone options and made Navigo 1-5 zone the default at close to the 1-2 zone price.  (For reference, in 2015, the Navigo week pass 1-2 zone price was 21.25€.)  A week pass Navigo 1-5 zone is now only 22.80€ (as of January 2020).
RATP went through a trial period several years back where on weekends they made the Navigo 1-2 zone valid for all 5 zones and people really appreciated it and they eventually just simplified Navigo and made this the standard coverage, everyday.
So in effect you're getting all 1-5 zones at the 1-2 zone price.  There's no cheaper option if you want zone 1 coverage.


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