I am needing help getting to VAIRES-SUR-MARNE NAUTICAL STADIUM

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How do I get to Vaires-Sur-Marne Nautical Stadium from Massy Palaiseau? 
I am in Paris for 4 nights for a holiday and want to know what is the most cost effective way as well as easiest way to reach our olympic destination. We are also planning on travelling into the city centre as well on other occasions. 

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Staff April 27, 2024

Looks like there'll be a free shuttle bus from Bussy-Saint-Georges RER A station to the Stade Nautique in Vaires-sur-Marne, so your route from Massy-Palaiseau to Bussy-Saint-Georges would be RER B, transfer at Chatelet les Halles, RER A, alighting at Bussy-Saint-Georges.  Google Maps can help with the details on this.
For four days travel into and out of the city centre, a 4-day Paris 2024 Pass would be the best solution for you.


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