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hello. thank you for all the great information on your site and for answering my previous questions about the 'old' 2016 version of the navigo decouverte card. 
my question now is i would like to purchase a carnet of T+ tickets hoepfully without getting another navigo card. from the RATP site , it seems like i can purchase t+ tickets and load/use on my phone via their iles-de-france mobilites app. but when i downloaded the app and checked on their 'achat' tab, there is only option to recharge the various different navigo pass. so is the only option to get a carnet of printed tickets or the navigo easy card and load the carnet on it? 
thank you for any advice. 

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Staff June 15, 2023

That's a good question regarding the IDF Mobilites app.
The RATP/IDF Mobilites group says that the mobile phone must have secured storage functionality where the tickets/fares/passes can be transferred onto in a "secure" manner.  What that actually/truly means I have little idea.  And I tend to think it's more of a developer issue rather than a hardware issue as nearly all phones from at least the past 5 years have secure storage capabilities.
Currently, no iPhones support ticket/pass storage and neither do any Google Pixel phones below version 5.  Samsung phones are well supported.  Huawei is not supported as they no longer have access to Google Play.  In other words... it's kindof a mess.
I've also tried the Bonjour RATP app (supposedly same functionality/features as IDF Mobilites) and I also see no ticket offerings and can only recharge a physical Navigo card, on both an older Android phone and a more recent iPhone.
My guess is a physical Navigo Easy might be the safest/cheapest choice for carnet of Ticket t+.


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