Is Mobilis One Day pass suitable for my case?

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We will go to France for 10 days and here is our plan

  1. We will arrive from airport in afternoon around 1:30pm so by the time we go to Gare du Nord hotel would be around 3pm.  We will go nearby and Effiel Tower and walk the bridge etc so I guess buy single airport ticket + t ticket will be fine? Or get the Mobilis (Zone 1-5)?
  2. The 2nd last day we will arrive back to Paris early in morning at 10am and have a WHOLE day to do within zone 1 and 2.  Should we get Mobilis One Day (Zone 1 to 2).  Will be doing dinner cruise at 8:45pm before going back to hotel at 11pm.
  3. Have whole day to tour in Paris as we will have a flight at 11:30pm at night.  So we have until 7pm to head to airport.  In that case, I get Mobilis One Day (zone 1 to 5) since we might travel here and there + go to the airpor

Does this sound good?
Or there is a better option?
4. One more question.  On the 4th night, we will arrive back to Gare du Nord around 10pm and then take the early train to Geneva in Gare de Lyon  (6:18am timetable).  In that case, what time should we head from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon train station so that we do not miss the train? 5:30am is enough?  I assume after getting off at Gare de Lyon, it is not hard to locate the train and hop on the Geneva train straight away or?

Thank you for your feedback

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Staff September 12, 2023
  1. Single use RER ticket for RER B from CDG to Paris Gare du Nord would be my recommendation as well.  And 2 Ticket t+ for going to Eiffel Tower & back to Gare du Nord.  If you plan on making in total 4 or more Metro/Bus/RER rides inside Paris, you might as well get a Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone then, which would be nearly the same cost as the RER ticket + 4 Ticket t+.
  2. Ticket Mobilis 1-2 zone sounds like your best option.
  3. If you plan on 4+ Metro/RER/bus rides before your RER B to CDG, then yes, Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone is your best option.
  4. The RER D from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon is about 9 minutes.  This doesn't include time to walk to the Grandes Lignes platforms (street level) where your train to Geneva will depart.  That will be an extra 3 minutes.  5:30am departure from Gare du Nord will give you plenty of time to walk/find/board your Geneva train at Gare de Lyon after the RER D ride.

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