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The Metro worked great during our stay but I have a complaint about 3 employees whom my young daughters and I encountered at the Bastille #1 exit at about 2000 on Monday Aug 6.
I had mistakenly discarded my tickets. The 3 checked for tickets. I said I had just thrown them in a trash can some distance back and apologized. They were then mean, menacing and disrespectful, taking and threatening to confiscate our passports or charge a fine of 105 euros. 
Luckily I managed to go back 100 meters and find the tickets, at which point the passports were returned. But we were quite shaken and no longer look at Paris quite the same way.

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Staff August 12, 2017

That sounds like a pretty horrible experience.
I'd encourage you to relay that story to RATP (Paris city transit authority) at this address:


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