Loading Paris 2024 pass onto existing Navigo Decouverte card

By | March 17, 2024 | in

I have a Navigo Decouverte card that I use whenever I go to Paris. I saw here that we can\'t buy Navigo weekly passes during the Olympics (I\'ll be in Paris July 31-Aug 3 then going outside the city), but we can get the Paris 2024 pass. Is that able to be loaded on my existing Navigo Decouverte card instead of getting a Navigo Easy card? I have an iPhone so the app (thus far) isn\'t an option. Thank you!

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Staff March 17, 2024

According to all official Paris 2024 pass information available online, it cannot be loaded onto the Navigo Découverte card although I can't see how there's any technical reason why it cannot.  I'd say try to get the ticket window/office staff at CDG train station (or wherever you enter) to load the Paris 2024 pass onto your Découverte card and see if they will.  Otherwise, they can sell you the Navigo Easy card.


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