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We are planning a trip that will include a stay at Disneyland (via TGV from Lyon) and then going to Paris for a few days. We will have our luggage with us (carry ons and a few larger suitcases) -- is that a concern on the RER trains and/or the Metro?
Thank you for this site, it's been really helpful!

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Staff January 15, 2020

The RER A train between Disneyland and Paris will have plenty of room near the car doors where you can stand with luggage comfortably, outside of peak hour travel (6:30-9:30 a.m. and 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.). 
Paris Metro trains I would generally try to avoid with large luggage, but if you're traveling during off-peak hours, it also shouldn't be too much issue, there's just less room on Metro trains than RER trains. 
There will be stairs in Paris Metro stations though, which may pose a bit of a problem with large heavy luggage.  Some Metro stations have escalators for the longer flights up/down, but not always and definitely not all entrances/exits.
RER stations generally all have escalators and some elevators so luggage is rarely a problem.


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