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First, GREAT Info, really clear and easy to understand (I think) I am in Paris for 2 weeks. Using your info I think I have a plan to combine a Jour Pass along with 2 x 1week Decouverte Pass
Am arriving on a Saturday(hopefully strike over??) Use the Jour pass to get to my hotel
- Navigo Jour Pass Zone 1-5 for 17.80euro. Travel from CDG via RER B to Chatelet les Halles, then Metro line 1 (yellow) to Chateau de Vincennes, then Bus 118 to Liberation (4stops) where  my hotel is.
-for Sunday purchase individual t tickets from bus driver(118) for hotel to Chateau de Vincennes return. Cost 2x1.9euros
-Monday begin using Decouverte Pass for the next two weeks. Costs 5euro card plus 2x 22.80euros.
A little complicated but I think doable and cost effective.
Would not be able to figure this out without your info...Big Thanks

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Staff January 13, 2020

Hi Dave,
You've done well in digesting the information available and chosen wisely.  I'd recommend exactly what you've said.
Just a quick note about bus tickets purchased on buses, they're 2€ and don't allow transfers to other buses whereas if you buy ticket t+ from Metro/RER ticket vending machines, ticket windows / offices, it'll be 1.90€  and allows transfers from bus to bus (not bus to Metro though, this is never possible with single-use Metro or bus tickets).  And since the tickets never expire you can buy ahead of time (such as when you buy your Navigo Jour day pass upon arrival).


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