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Hi Ben,
I am working in Paris from 1st March on an interim (Manpower) contract for 6 months. I will be living in an Airbnb for the 1st month at least, so I won't have a full proof of residence, but I am not a tourist. What type of monthly pass can I buy please? En plus je parle français si vous voulez me repondre en français.

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Staff February 7, 2020

Hi Bruce, you can look into ordering your personalized Navigo at  You don't need a "proof of residence" but you need to be able to receive mail & make online French debit card / French bank account payments all with French residential addresses.  If you're getting a French bank account setup, you should be able to order & receive a personalized Navigo card by mail (can take up to 18 days for delivery, so order with that in mind.)
I've read on that monthly purchasers with a personalized Navigo card can also reload their card at home on a personal computer by buying (7€) & using a USB dongle attached Navigo card reader that can update the card's stored information, when connected to the website.  Haven't done this myself as I only have experience with the Navigo Annual pass which is directly debited from a French bank account on a monthly basis.  If you're not good at remembering to buy next month's Navigo pass early in person (i.e. not waiting till last 2-3 days of month when renewal lines to ticket machines / offices are huge.), then this may be an interesting option.  But other than that, there isn't a notable monetary advantage to personalized Navigo cards vs. Navigo Decouverte.  Only the Navigo Annual passes get a discount on a yearly basis (12 months coverage for 11 months cost).


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