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Hi, if i need to travel from Orry La Ville to Gare du nord on a daily basis which is 2 stop outside of zone 5 with RER D.  Is there a way i can use a zone 1-5 monthly pass but also cover the zone from last stop of zone 5 to orry la ville ? 

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Staff February 24, 2020

The only way I know to cover stations outside of Paris zone 5 in combination with Navigo pass, would be to have RER Tickets covering the last station in zone 5 to your destination station outside zone 5 (I'm guessing Survilliers-Fosses to Orry la Ville-Coye station).
So you could have a Navigo 1-5 zone covering your ride up until Survilliers-Fosses, where you literaly descend the train, validate your RER ticket, reboard the train.  If there are composter / ticket-punch machines along the platform at Survilliers-Fosses (I have no idea, never been there), you could theoretically run out and do this and return to the same train in time.  Otherwise you'd need to exit the platform/station and return through the turnstiles to validate your ticket and catch the next train.
In reverse you'd need to use your RER ticket up until Survilliers-Fosses, then exit the train, validate your Navigo at the Navigo validation machines along the train platform (if available) and return to the train.  You could theoretically be fined 5€ for not validating your Navigo, but I'm not sure this ever happens.


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