Navigo Day Pass Zone 1-2 for La Defense

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Confused about the zones for La Defense. With the old t+ ticket, it was valid on the whole metro as the metro apparently is all one zone, event though La Defense shows as Zone 3 on the map.
With the new Navigo Day pass it covers 2 zones (1-2). If using the metro and not the RER, would this allow you to go to La Defense assuming the metro is a single zone as it was with the t+? 

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Staff March 11, 2024

Yes, a Navigo Day Pass with 1-2 zone coverage would allow you to use Paris Metro line 1 up to La Défense station (terminus).  Paris Metro exit gates don't check for pass/ticket proper coverage to open whereas Paris RER station exits require ticket insertion / pass tapping for verification before unlocking gates/turnstiles.


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