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Hi Ben.
Thank you for a well detailed blog about Navigo Decouverte cards. If i buy the Navigo Decouverte week pass on Friday, does it mean the validity period starts from Monday (00.00) as you have indicated? or it starts from the day of purchase i.e Friday?
Also, will i be able to use it for my train back to the CDG from Gare Du Nord? Without having to buy another one way ticket from the Gare Du Nord to CDG?
Thank you

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Staff July 25, 2021

Hi Daniel,
A Navigo Decouverte card with a week pass purchased on a Friday will start its validity on Monday 00:00 (just after Sunday midnight).  It won't be usable between Friday and Sunday midnight.
If you are returning to CDG from Gare du Nord before the following Sunday midnight, your Navigo week pass is still valid.  Note: you need to complete your journey to CDG by Sunday midnight, or else the pass will not open the fare gates upon arrival at CDG.
For example if you purchase a Navigo week pass on Friday August 6, 2021, its validity starts on Monday Aug 9 at 00:00:01 and is usuable up until Sunday 23:59:59 August 15, 2021.


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