Navigo Decouverte card vs Navigo easy go

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Hi Ben,
My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Paris via the Eurostar and will be arriving to Gare du Nord station on a Tuesday and going back on Saturday,
After reading alot of info, the Navigo Decouverte card zone 1-5 seems the best option to give unlimited travel for cheap ( although we dont plan on traveling around a lot, but like to have the simplicity and luxury to do so)
My question is with the Navigo Decouverte card, is this available for tourist? without the need of a photo ID picture? or is it best to get Navigo easy go ( cos dont want those paper tickets ) and only pay for further journeys? Ideally the week 1-5 zone would be best incase we decide to go disneyland 

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Staff June 26, 2022

The Navigo Decouverte is available to everyone, tourists and residents alike.
You will need to provide small headshot photos for the pass, color preferred.
I fully agree the Navigo Decouverte is the way to go.  Knowing the pass is unlimited removes any mental energy spent on maximizing a "limited" number of tickets such as on a Navigo Easy.  This allows you to focus on enjoying your time in Paris.


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