Navigo or Paris Visite travel pass?

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Anonymous asked May 13, 2024

I'm staying in Paris for 6 days and will be using the Metro and RER regularly within Zones 1 to 3.  Would you advise a weekly Navigo at E30.75 or a Paris Visite at E44.45?  If I don't need discounts at tourist sites, what if anyting is the benefit of paying extra for the Paris Visite pass?

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Staff May 13, 2024

Your day of arrival is perhaps the principal reason to choose between the Navigo Week Pass and the Paris Visite pass.  The Navigo Week Pass is strictly Monday to Sunday whereas the Paris Visite is any continuous 5-day period.
Beyond that the only coverage Paris Visite offers above the Navigo is the Orlyval shuttle train connecting passengers to/from Orly Airport and the closest RER B line station of Antony.  It's an incredibly short line, 3 stops in total, 2 of which are inside Orly Airport and is ridiculously expensive for its distance (11.30€ for 6 minutes of train).
So if you're arriving Monday-Wednesday, without a doubt, Navigo Week Pass (and top up with a Navigo Day Pass if needed).

Staff May 13, 2024

Forgot to mention, Navigo Week Pass offers coverage to Orly Airport through either the Orlybus (to/from Denfert Rochereau in Paris) or Tram 7 + Metro 7 (to Villejuif Louis-Aragon station in SE Paris).  Both are not as fast as Orlyval + RER B train into Paris, but work fine.  In the first week of July 2024, Metro 14 extension will complete & connect Paris to Orly airport and will be covered by Navigo Week Pass as well.


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