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I'llbe in Paris with my wife and two kids (twins 10yo). I'm going to use NavigoPass with my android phone. Samewill do my wife on her phone. Question: what about kids? they dont' have there any way I can buy the weekly ticket for them as well!? thanks!

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Staff February 7, 2024

Unfortunately each phone can only hold one Navigo pass as far as I know*.  The kids will need their own physical, plastic Navigo cards in this case.
I was going to suggest the kids get the child version of Paris Visite tickets, 5 zone, 5-day, which are nearly the same price as a Navigo week pass, albeit with 2-days less coverage.  Then I realized the twins are 10.  The official child age for Paris transit tickets is 9 and under, but... I'll just leave this information here for you to consider.
*I haven't tested installing the different official Paris transport apps on the same phone.  For example, IDF Mobilites is the app I recommend, but there is also Bonjour RATP and SNCF Connect, all official apps.  It might be possible to install both IDF Mobilites and Bonjour RATP and each have a Navigo week pass installed, but I have serious doubts this would work (and it would likely be very clunky to try to use two different apps to pass the fare gates even if this did work).  When I installed IDF Mobilites, I also needed to install another app (that the IDF Mobilites app relies on for secure storage) which I suspect is actually the app actually holding the Navigo pass.  So installing Bonjour RATP, which I assume also relies on this "secure storage app", would clash when trying to add another Navigo pass.  This is a situation I assume was never planned for when the Paris transit authorities were designing/engineering these apps, i.e. multiple people sharing the same phone for multiple Navigo passes.


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