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I needed 8 days of travel during the Olympics so I bought 2 Paris 2024 passes - a 7-day and a 1-day.  The ordering was pretty smooth and they mailed 2 cards to my house.  The outside envelope indicated one was 7 days and one was 1 day.  But now that they're out of the envelope, I don't know which is which.  I downloaded the Bonjour RATP app and read the cards, but it only says "during the selected number of consecutive days," not how many days are on each card.  It doesn't matter what order I used them in as my 8 days are consecutive, but will I be able to tell which pass I validated upon my first use of transit? Or just wait till it runs out and switch to to the other card? I can't find a way to tell me which card is currently loaded with 7 days and which is loaded with 1 day.
I hope this makes sense.
Thank you! I love your site.

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Staff April 23, 2024

I'm glad the mail order of the Paris 2024 Pass worked out well.  Yes that's a bit annoying that the two Navigo Easy cards weren't marked as which was the 7-day and the 1-day.  That was a good idea to try reading the cards with the Bonjour RATP app.
This is just a guess, but there could be a couple ways to check which card is which upon arrival in France.  At the CDG airport train stations in either Terminal 1/3 or Terminal 2 you could try using an automated ticket machine to see if it will show you your pass duration.  You'd start by placing the pass card onto the Navigo card reader on the machine and it will immediately try to read what is on the card and if it can be renewed.  I'm hoping it will say what is on the card when you do this.
The second option is to bring the cards to the ticket window / ticket office staff and ask what is on the card.  I'm assuming their card reader/writer should be able to view which pass is loaded onto which card.  And at that point, you could mark/label each card with a permanent marker or a sticker, etc. to tell them apart.
After that, when using the cards, be sure to only use one of the cards till it is drained and then the other card after that, since the validity period starts upon first validation of each card.  So you could accidentally have both cards active/using up their validity if they got mixed up.
Hope you have a great trip and thanks for the kind words about the site.


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