Olympics – Navigo Easy or paper carnet tickets

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Hello, we will be visiting Paris for 6 days of the Olympics. We own Navigo Easy passes from a previous trip, and we have friends visiting Paris in June who will be able to buy tickets for us that may not be available during the Olympics period. Can we:
- get our friends to top up our Navigo Easy passes with 30 journeys each and then use them during the Olympics? And/or
- if that won’t work can we ask them to buy us books of the 10 single journey tickets and use these during the Olympics? 

thank you 

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Staff March 7, 2024

Yes indeed you can have your friends load your Navigo Easy card with 30 Paris Metro tickets (Ticket t+) in June for the price of 17.35€/10 tickets instead of 40€/10 tickets during the Olympics from July 20 - Sept 8.
Booklets of paper Ticket t+ are no longer sold so it's good that you have Navigo Easy cards.


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