Paid Twice the price for One weekly-ticket, and cannot get reimbursement right away.

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09.04.2018 I "paid two times" for one ticket due to technical problem at the service center of RUE SAINT-MAUR.
I topped-up my Navigo at the desk of metro station RUE SAINT-MAUR for a weekly ticket, however, after first transaction with my credit card, the staff said it didn't succeed due to some technical problem, and ask me to "pay again". I told him I received a payment notice from my bank that it's already paid succeed, but he insisted there was a technical problem and I have to pay again to get a weekly ticket, and he promised I should get the first payment back in 24 hours for the technical problem. At that time I had to pay the second time since I need the ticket, but clearly after 24 hours I still don't get my money back, and now "I paid 45.6 euros" for only one ticket.. 
I hereby ask for money back! As attached are the two receipts I got for that day, as a proof. Please help with the reimbursement back to my card, thank you!Receipts

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Staff April 12, 2018

You can contact the Paris city train authority (RATP) to request a refund.


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