Park our campervan at Disney, go into Paris for the day, come back to Disney, go Disneyland the next day

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Hi there, we are travelling down to the south of France in our campervan but want to do a day trip into Paris and another day in Disneyland on the way. We were considering driving from Calais to Disneyland and paying to park there overnight, leaving the disney carpark (can you even do this?) walking to the train station Marne-la-Vallée Chessy and getting the RER train to Paris Gare de Lyon. Then returning from a day in Paris (with 2 kids and the Olympics god help us) on the RER going back to the campervan and then going into the park the following day. If you have a better idea or a nicer route in mind or can advise on the best trains/ and tickets to get it would be much appreciated :)

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Staff June 10, 2024

Apparently Disneyland Paris does have paid parking/overnight parking for camper vans ("camping-cars") as per their parking info page (in French only, if translation is necessary, I'd recommend asking ChatGPT from OpenAI or Copilot and copy/pasting what you need translated.

I'm assuming the parking would be walkable distance to the Marne la Vallée-Chessy RER A train station (please double check, I don't have personal experience with this) which you could use to take into Paris.  In terms of transit fares, if you're there between July 20 - Sept 8, 2024 then the easiest option would be the Paris 2024 Pass on Navigo Easy cards for each of you, which covers back/forth between Paris & Disneyland and anything in/around Paris.

I checked for parking for campervans closer to the center of Paris but that seems more difficult to find and you'd still be paying the same parking fee (or more) and you'd have to still buy transit fares to get into/out of Paris and also out to Disneyland on the RER A.  So it would make more sense to park at Disneyland and commute into Paris as per your original idea.


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