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Anonymous asked May 6, 2021

Hello! I am very confused about which metro pass to buy when I arrive in Paris on Sunday, Sept. 12. I will be in Paris until Thursday, Oct. 7.
I kept my Navigo Découverte pass that I had when I was in Paris for 2 months back in 2015.
Could I use this pass as a weekly pass, or can it only be loaded as a monthly pass, like before?
If I can't use it, what would you recommend that I purchase for my 3 1/2 weeks there? I really don't want to have to fumble around with tickets if I can help it. But I find the RATP site so confusing as to what day to purchase and when the pass takes effect.
I look forward to knowing if you can help me figure this all out.
Thanks, and kind regards!

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Staff May 6, 2021

Your 2015 Navigo should still work.  You can try renewing it on automated ticket vending machines or dedicated Navigo recharge machines.
You can charge your Navigo pass with Weekly or Monthly (or Daily) passes.  There aren't different Navigo cards for different lengths of subscription.
When you arrive on Sunday and want to use the Navigo pass the same day, you could add a Navigo Day pass 1-5 zone (if you're arriving at CDG, otherwise choose the zones appropriate for your arrival location).  At the same time you can load a Navigo week pass that will cover you through to the end of the week (activates after midnight Sunday / 00:00 Monday morning).  Then renew weekly (from Friday - Sunday) for the next week.


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