Photo required for Navigo Decouverte Pass

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Bonjour Ben.  The passport size photos we have here in Australia are 4.5cm tall and 3.5cm wideand not 3 x 2.5cm as required.  Will they be accepted?
Your website is very informative - thank you.  Dianne

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Staff January 16, 2023

Hi Dianne,
I just measured the photo space on my Navigo Découverte card and a 4.5cm tall photo would cover the space for your name.  But, if you rotated the photo and just pasted it sideways to be 3.5cm tall and 4.5cm wide, that would fit and I couldn't imagine any controller having issues with the orientation of your photo.
Have a great trip and thanks for the kind words about the site. - Ben


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