possibility for online booking and school discount for Navigo weekly pass

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Good morning and thank you for your precious advice on our first communication!
Apologies for the late reply (though I sent an answer right away, without noticing it was a no-reply mail); the period was too busy with school records, but we are still very interested in the Navigo weekly passes!
Following that, I would like to know whether we can book our school- discounted Navigo weekly passes by booking online, prior to our visit. For reasons of convenience (time management), it sounds a little difficult to issue the discounted tickets on the spot, while we are already in Paris, with 20 students waiting behind us. So, can we actually complete the form and send it online somehow?
Looking forward to your answer!

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Staff February 12, 2020

Unfortunately there's no discounts on Navigo for visitors, students or otherwise.  It's the same price regardless of age or group size.  And there's also no way to purchase Navigo Decouverte online either.  It must be done in person at ticket counters in Paris.  I know this sounds very restrictive / antiquated, but the Paris transit authority hasn't set up any procedures for bulk or online buying of Navigo Decouverte.
If all the students have their photos printed & ready before arrival at CDG, that will be the only streamlining of the sign-up process that can be done.  CDG Terminal 2 train station ticket office often has 3 or more ticket agents working and hopefully they'll allow you to make batch purchases, (e.g. 4 transactions of 5 cards each). 
There's no form that needs to be filled out and provided to the ticket agent.  There's only a little card on which you (not the ticket agent) fill out with a pen and apply the photo you've brought, and keep with the plastic card.  This is done after the purchase from the ticket agent.  So really the only time you'll spend with the ticket agent is paying for the cards and the agent activates the cards using their card reader.
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