Pre-loading Navigo Easy single use tix prior to Olympics

By | February 25, 2024 | in

It's Feb 2024 and we load up our Navigo Easy cards with 10 tix at a time. We will be back for the Olympics in July and I believe we read that Navigo Easy cards will not be sold then--Only special Paris Visite cards at the higher rates. I should be able to pre-load my Navigo Easy cards up to the 30 tix limit now, at the lower rate, and be fine to use the card during the Olympics, correct? Thanks!

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Staff February 26, 2024

Navigo Easy cards will still be available to buy during Paris 2024 Olympics (July 20 - Sept 8), but the price for Paris Metro tickets will be nearly double during the Olympic games period (4€ each).
If you are in Paris currently / before July 20, 2024, then yes, it would save you money to buy Paris Metro tickets now (while they are normally priced at 2.15€ or 1.74€ in books of 10) and use them later (Paris Metro tickets never expire).


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