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I'm Allen and I'm travelling to Paris with my wife and 14 year old daughter.  We arrive on Thursday and leave the following Wednesday (7 days).  I've book looking at the best public transport ticket to get but I'm so confused.  My ideal ticket would be an unlimited 7 day ticket for each of us for zones 1 to 5 but I don't this think exists.
What do you recommend?

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Staff August 13, 2023

You're correct, there's no 7-day consecutive pass starting midweek.  I'm going to assume you're arriving by CDG or Orly airport, so I'll recommend a Navigo week pass for Thursday - Sunday.
For Monday - Wednesday, it's a little trickier and depends on your planned transit usage.  If you're making more than 4 one-way rides within central Paris on Monday & Tuesday, buy two Navigo Day Passes 1-2 zone for your Navigo Pass scheduled for Monday & Tuesday (you can schedule day passes onto your Navigo up to 6 days in advance).  Then for your return to CDG airport on Wednesday, just buy single-use tickets for the RER B train
If you're going outside of central Paris on Monday-Tuesday, then recharge your Navigo with another Week pass for the Monday/Tuesday and return to CDG on Wednesday.  This would be the simplest option.  Other options would only save you 3-5€ and wouldn't be worth the trouble of obtaining the other ticket(s) & using them compared to the Navigo card.
Hope this helps, Allen.


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