Purchase decouverte pass in advance

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My family of 5 and I are arriving in Paris on a Friday morning (via CDG). We are immediately heading west to Chartes/Mont St. Michel, and Normandy for a few days. Will be back in Paris by Monday evening. Can we purchase our passes upon our initial Pairs arrival (while at CDG) and then load them (as weekly passes) via the Bonjour RATP app on Sunday? For immediate use upon our return to Paris? Thanks so much!

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Staff March 5, 2023

Yes you can purchase the Navigo cards upon arrival and load them Navigo weekly passes later if you like.
As you arrive on Friday, you can actually load the weekly pass immediately onto the Navigo card as the week pass doesn't actually become active until Monday 00:01.  Paris transport weekly passes are strictly Monday to Sunday, rather than starting when you purchase it.


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