Purchase Multiple Paris 2024 Olympic Passes on my Account

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Anonymous asked May 4, 2024

I need to purchase 8 Paris 2024 14-day passes.  I am planning to buy all 8 passes on my ile-de-France Mobilites account and have them mailed to my address in the U.S. in one package.  I will then distribute the physical passes to my family.  Will each person also need an account or the Mobile app to use their tickets?

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Staff May 4, 2024

Only one account is needed to purchase all 8 (or any number) of physical Paris 2024 Pass (which put onto 8 Navigo Easy plastic smart cards) for delivery to your home.  After that, no further accounts are needed to use the Paris 2024 Passes in Paris & surrounding area.
If each of your family wanted to use the Paris 2024 Pass from their Android mobile phone, then in that case each person would need an account in order to purchase the pass for themselves on their own phone.  (It's not possible purchase multiple virtual/electronic passes for redistribution.)


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