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I heard that if I purchase Navigo Week pass on Friday, it is issued for the next week.
Is that right?
I want to use it on this Saturday and Sunday though there is only two days left.

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Staff June 21, 2019

Yes, if you buy Navigo week pass on Friday, it's valid starting Monday and cannot be used Saturday / Sunday.
If you want the same unlimited use coverage through zones 1-5, put Navigo Jour (day pass) onto your Navigo card.  If you don't already have a Navigo card then buy a Navigo Easy card (2€ vs. 5€) and put two Navigo Jour day passes on it for Saturday and Sunday.  If you're using Navigo Découverte it can only hold a single day pass on it at any time.  (Navigo Easy allows 2 day passes at a time.)


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